2 Sets Wii Remote Controller with Build-in Motion Sensor Plus and 2 Nunchuck


  • Cost-Effect with 2 set of Wii Remotes and Nunchucks in the Package. Black Color
  • All buttons are accurate and precise to the clicks. Compatible for all Wii games or Wii sports. Also compatible with Nintendo Wii U consoles.
  • Motion Sensor included. (Rumble features)
  • EASY SYNC STEPS — Push the small button on the controller (where the batteries go) then push the red button on the Wii console (under the little door), then you’re able to synchronize with Nintendo Wii.
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If you have friends come over for Wii gaming night but with limited budgets and no extra Wii controllers, try SiTan Wii controller! The version wii controllers are the same buttons place, same size as original ones. They’re designed to be colorful so you will know which controller you’re using and LED will tell how much battery life you left.
You’re not just saving budgets but will enjoy no worry after-sale service shopping experience..
Every order from SiTan store comes with specific customer service person. Get contact if you need it.

Package Included

2 x Wii Remote (Not including battery)
2 x Nunchunk
2 x Silicone case
2 x Wrist strap


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